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Three guarantees period of 1 year, life-long maintenance, special customized products can be installed and debugged on site. Due to the large number of product models of our company, the product price and parameter properties are only for reference. Please contact customer service before shooting, and we will give you professional explanation.

Purpose of the machine main purpose of the crusher:

The crusher is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, food and other industries. It is the supporting equipment for the pre process of micro grinding. It is not limited by the viscosity, hardness, softness and fiber of materials, and can play a better role in grinding any materials.

Working principle of the pulverizer: the pulverizer is a horizontal pulverizing structure. Materials enter the pulverizing chamber from the pulverizer hopper, and are crushed by the impact and shear of the rotary knife and the fixed knife. Under the action of the rotating centrifugal force, the materials flow to the outlet of the pulverizer automatically.

This crusher is designed according to GMP standard. It is all made of stainless steel. It has simple structure, convenient cleaning, low noise, and is the ideal equipment in coarse grinding at present.